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Just released: Sonic Shades for UVI Shade

  • Sonic Shades
    for UVI Shade

    Price: € 25 EUR

    Sonic Shades - patchpool
  • Sonic Shades for UVI Shade

    Sonic Shades for UVI Shade 1.2 contains 108 creative presets (including 6 variations) suitable for music, sound design and post production. The presets are sorted in four folders:

    • Atmospheres (26)
    • Dynamic (16)
    • Pitch (16)
    • Rhythmical (49)

    Some patches which use pitched sequences or resonances have variations installed which react to incoming Midi notes. Many of these presets have been tested and used in actual music and sound design productions, the sounds which can be achieved span a wide range from settings which will make your sounds dance to the rhythm to wild and polyrhythmic sequences to strange and ominous resonances to creamy filter sweeps and flangers which will make your pads, vocals and plucked string instruments shine.
    Many presets have multiple Macros assigned for quick, creative and easy interaction with the produced sounds.

    You can view/download the PDF for this expansion including the license agreement, installment instructions and a detailed patch-list here.

    Sonic Shades is delivered via e-mail attachment link, please allow me a few hours to send you the order confirmation.


    • 108 creative patches including 6 variations in 4 categories.
    • Delivery: e-mail.
    • Price: € 25 EUR.
    Sonic Shades - patchpool

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    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation E-mail.

  • All demos start dry and were produced using only effects provided by the patches from Sonic Shades.

    100+ creative patches to explore!


    Price: € 25 EUR

  • Here are some videos demonstrating patches from Sonic Shades.

  • Simon, good grief man!! The processing in your presets is absolutely exquisite!!

    - Shades enthusiast on KVR.

    Your "Rhythmical" folder in Sonic Shades includes some incredibly useful patches for adding movement and phrasing. And I give you extra points for using creative and descriptive names for each patch. It's a very small detail to most people, so it shows the time and consideration that went into producing this product.

    - Shade-ist on KVR.

    Also, it is extremely rare that I will be so enamored with a preset pack that I'll actually go out and buy the plugin simply to study how these incredible sounds are made... but it happened a couple of days ago here on KVR. I listened to the audio previews of patches from Sonic Shades and I seriously dropped my jaw!! You were able to showcase the intricate textures and unbelievable sculpting and animating that was possible with UVI's Shade.

    - Sonic Shade customer via email.

    I have found Shade to be a very inspiring implementation/combination of filters and modulators, and having this opportunity to see 'what would Simon do?' (and then build from there) is a real education and treat! ;-) Another great set Simon, congrats ;-)

    - Shade activist on Gearspace.

    If you would like to make a comment about this set, here are some announcement threads:

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    Sonic Shades - patchpool
  • Order Sonic Shades
    for UVI Shade

    Price: € 25 EUR

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation E-mail.

    Sonic Shades - Patchpool
Sonic Shades - Patchpool

Colorize your sounds!


Price: € 25 EUR