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  • Phonemklatura for Phonem

    Phonemklatura contains 108 patches (including some variations) for the unique vocal synthesizer Phonem by Wolfgang Palm/PPG. These sounds are not aiming at any kind of vocal pseudo-realism, on the contrary, I am using the versatile and expressive vocal character of this synthesizer to create beautiful and delicate pads, ethereal overtone textures, fragile and edgy leads, haunting and alien voices, phonetic experiments, tempo-synced vocaloid mayhem, percussive mallet-like timbres, robotic voices, fantasy beings and other synthetic sounds only faintly reminding of their vocal origin.

    Often Phonem's wavetable synthesizer is used to excite the vocal resonators using wavetables extracted from acoustic instruments like brass, woodwinds, string instruments, mallets and electronic textures with PPGs Wavemapper, expanding the possible palette of sounds even more. All sounds make extensive use of Phonem's x/y-pads which can be automated in any DAW and the modulation wheel, quite a few patches also use aftertouch.

    As Phonem's onboard effects are very basic and are rarely used in any of these patches, I included some of the original LogicX demo projects containing Midi data and 3rd party effect plugins, and a Cubase 8-project with some effect chains using the native Cubase plugins, so you could use these settings as a starting point.

    You can view/download the PDF for this soundset with more details, the licence agreement, and a patchlist including descriptions and playing tips here.

    Please note: Phonemklature also works with the iOS version of Phonem (IPad).

    Specifications and content:

    • 108 patches including some variations.
    • 159 resource files - utterances and wavetables in the native utd/wtz-format.
    • 15.9 MB installed
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    • Discount price: € 19.60 EUR (reg. € 28)
    • Also works with the iOS version of Phonem (IPad).

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  • All demos were produced entirely with Phonem using only patches from Phonemklatura, some post-processing was applied (delay/reverb/chorus), if several instances of Phonem were used in a track, some volume automation was used.

    100 patches


    Discount price: € 19.60 EUR (reg. € 28)

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    Phonemklatura - Patchpool
  • Here are some videos using sounds from Phonemklatura and a tutorial:

  • Phonem with Phonemklatura and the custom effects chains sounds so crazy good!

    - Phonemist from Denmark

    Phonemklatura covers a very broad range of what is possible in Phonem.

    - Phonemist from Belgium

    These presets are great to learn from! But remember to roll your own!

    - iPad Phonemist on Audiobus

    Phonem certainly is one of the most inspiring synths released over the last years!

    - The author

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    Phonemklatura - Patchpool
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    Discount price: € 19.60 EUR (reg. € 28)

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the pre-order confirmation.


    Phonemklatura - Patchpool