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An expanded and falconized excerpt from Aureus Ventus for HALion 5. Multi-sampled bass flute dynamics, overtone beauty, mysterious soundscapes, audio-morphed and re-synthesized sounds, dark drones, granular phrases, pads, an organ flute, a key slap bass and some glass chimes. For the main acoustic instrument 14 pitches were sampled with vibrato, 6-7 notes per octave between B1 - C4 with creshendo, decreshendo - sampled with 2x round robin.

Up to 20+ Macros and switches plus the modulation wheel are assigned in each patch, many also use aftertouch, providing detailed control over volume envelopes, filtering, amplitude- and pitch modulations, EQ-ing, dynamics, stereo animation and more. All patches use some sort of background image in the UI, split patches have colored key-zones in the Falcon keyboard for easier navigation.

You can view/download the PDF for this library with more details, the licence agreement, and the patchlist including descriptions and playing tips here.



  • 11 patches
  • 359 MB of samples (78 wavs/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit/phase-aligned), 2 wavetables, 4 background images for the UI.
  • Content is not encrypted, samples and wavetables can be used in other samplers and synths.
  • Delivery: download
  • Library size in total: 366.3 MB
  • Price: € 16 EUR
    (50% off for Aureus Ventus license holders)
  • Requires the full version of Falcon, does not work with the UVI player.


The demos were produced using only patches from Falcon Singles - Bass Flute, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the master output. Please also check the demo video.


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Falcon Bundle


Falcon AIR
Ambient Strings
Scattered Entity Vol. 1

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