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Aqualignum for Alchemy


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    Aqualignum for Alchemy

    56 patches (including 1 variation) with 8 variations each in Alchemy's Remix Pad, all Performance Controllers and both x/y-pads are assigned for each patch.

    price: € 38 EUR

  • Aqualignum for Alchemy

    This sound library combines waterphone samples from my MachFive library Scattered Entity Vol. 1 with original oud samples, an arab string instrument especially multisampled for this library.

    The mysterious and haunting tones of the waterphone meet the warm embracing string sounds of the orient. Tradition melds with futurism, water, wood and metal compose Aqualignum. This library contains 56 patches (including 1 variation) making use of 1.76 GB of samples, resynthesized sounds and electronic derivatives. Multisampled string instruments derived from the oud with up to 5 velocity layers and 3x round robin (variations per sample), calm and dark drones, beautiful and fragile waterphone pads, ominous and evocative soundscapes, futuristic textures and metallic percussion instruments are contained in this set.

    The oud articulations include plectrum-picked strings (played with a special oud plectrum), finger-plucked vibrato tones, up and down slides, tremoli, bowed oud (violin bow) and some phrases. The waterphone was played with two differently sized bows creating all kinds of arpeggio textures with water-modulated decay-phases, scraping and moaning metal sounds, long sustained notes played with a violin bow for creating multisampled tonal pad sounds and the instrument was beaten with various beaters for metallic percussion sounds and bass tones.

    As in all my soundsets for Alchemy I make extensive use of Alchemy's complex modulation possibilities and filters, often intermodulating LFOs/MSEGs/sequencers with each other and assigning numerous parameters to a single Performance Controller. This enables the user to deeply interact with the sounds and shape it according to his/her needs and preferences. The patches can also serve as a starting point for the user's own creations when loading new samples into them and then using the pre-assigned controllers and snapshots in the Remix Pad.

    You can view/download the PDF for Aqualignum with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and deteiled descriptions for each patch here.

    Aqualignum Specs:

    • 1.76 Gigabytes of samples (wav) and resynthesized files (.aaz)
    • 56 patches (including 1 variation) with 8 variations each in Alchemy's Remix Pad, all Performance Controllers and both x/y-pads are assigned for each patch.
    • Delivery: download - RAR-archive in two parts for better download handling
    • Price € 38 EUR

    All samples in this library were recorded with 3 Neumann microphones in L-C-R in 48 Khz/24 Bit, a U87 as the center mic - a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R, all microphone signals for the oud samples were phase-aligned which improves the stereo picture, enhances the transparency of the sound and makes for snappier transients.

    Please note: This library requires the full version of Alchemy (version 1.55 and higher). It does not work with the Alchemy player version.

    price: € 38 EUR

  • All demos were produced entirely with Alchemy using only patches from Aqualignum, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation if several instances of Alchemy were used in a track.

    56 patches (including 1 variation).

    1.76 Gigabytes of original samples

    Aqualignum for Alchemy - Patchpool
  • Recording:

    3 Neumann microphones in L-C-R at 48 Khz/24 Bit

    U87 as the center mic and a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R.

    Delivery: download - RAR-archive in two parts for better download handling

  • Simon - Aqualignum is a beautiful soundset. Great job once again.

    - Alchemist from Canada

    ...I am drenched in showers of liquid amazement! Simon has delivered another spectacular sounding, easy to tweak Alchemy lib with Aqualignum. The sounds flow freely like a freshly squeezed waterphone pouring out haunting waves in the tide of summer nights. *sigh*

    - Fresh-faced (and worded) Aqualignum evangelist

    Playing the oud is such a pleasure; a virtual acoustic instrument that stands out alone, as a solo voice, and tell a story on its own. Many "aquatic" soundscapes/textures, are programmed with deep care in Alchemy's remix pad, to make them musically alive. But... all demos speak better than me...

    - Aqualignum lover from Norway

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    price: € 38 EUR

    Aqualignum - Patchpool
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    Aqualignum - Patchpool
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