Samples for Kontakt can be bought on the pages linked below using the paypal buttons underneath each item. After your purchase you will receive an Email to your paypal address which contains your dedicated download links. This is all done manually, so please allow me a few hours to process your order.

Note: To load these patches you need the full version of Kontakt, they wil only work in demo mode when used with the Kontakt player.

Abstract and tonal Soundscapes / Drones Choose from 23 items
Pads Choose from 8 items
Real and unreal Instruments Choose from 14 items
Percussive Instruments / Bells Choose from 13 items
Real and unreal voices Choose from 4 items
All Kontakt demos hosted on Soundcloud:

10 Patch Bundle:
Choose 10 Kontakt items for 40 €
After your order has been processed you will receive a confirmation Email, please just respond to that mail with a list of the patches you want.
Disclaimer: All sounds may be used in commercial and non-commercial music and sound design productions. Please don't trade these patches, don't pass them on to someone else and don't resample them for any use in commercial or free sample or sound libraries. The MP3 files on this page are copyrighted and must not be used in any context apart from previewing the Kontakt patches!

This is a FAQ about converting compressed Kontakt samples (ncw-format) back into wavs, here is the answer:
Resave the patch including the samples as follows:
Click on the tool icon on the upper left, the GUI opens->choose save as-> "patch and samples" - untick the little box "compress samples"->determine a location other than the original folder->the samples will be saved in .wav format and you can use them in your DAW or any other sampler.