Simon Stockhausen presents:

Diversity for Diversion:

This soundset contains 101 patches and 6 variations for the incredibly capable
Diversion synth by Dmitry Sches. The goal was to create a wide range of diverse sounds reaching from mellow and beautiful bells, pads, textural instruments and expressive lead sounds to edgy and soaring sequences and synths to dark and mysterious drones and soundscapes to otherworldly and abstract textures.

A lot of new waveforms were created in- and outside of Diversion to expand the sonic palette of this synth, complex modulation routings were used to create animated and expressive sounds usable for a wide variety of musical styles.

All sounds have the x/y-Mastermorph pad assigned for deep interaction with the sounds, many also use Aftertouch for even more expressive playability.

Patch categories:

  • Bell & Plucks (9 + 1 variation)
  • Keys & Synths (21)
  • Pads (19 + 2 variations)
  • Scapes & Drones (29 + 2 variation)
  • Sequencers (23 + 1 variation)


You can view/download the PDF for Cosmic with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and short descriptions for each patch here.

Here is a review of Diversity published on

Delivery: Download - download size 23.4 MB - library size unzipped 29 MB

Price (paypal): € 25 Euro
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purchase via share*it for € 28 Euro

All demos in the widget below were produced entirely with Diversion using only patches from Diversity, no post-processing was applied apart from a Limiter on the Master Outputs.

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Here is some customer feedback on Diversity:

"I already own many of your sets, but this one is particularly special. I think it contains some of your best work so far. Some of the lead sounds alone are well worth the cost of the set; many, many sounds here are truly winners, useable and irresistible. First class sounds for a first class synth!"

"I'm getting quite blown away by the sounds. Diversity for Diversion, name is fine but the sounds are too good and interesting to be boxed in by a few wordplay titles.. Very new a kaleidoscopic sound palette opens up my sonic horizon."